Plus belle la vie : actors pay tribute to Philippe Carrese, dead at age 63

Plus belle la vie : les acteurs rendent hommage à Philippe Carrese, mort à 63 ans

Plus belle la vie : actors pay tribute to Philippe Carrese, dead at age 63

“Producer and author of” talent, “a long-suffering patience”, “a great man”… The tributes poured in on social networks following the death on Sunday 5 may 2019 Philippe Carrese, one of the filmmakers of a More beautiful life. Laetitia Milot, Laurent Kerukose, Rebecca Hampton, and plenty of other actors in the series of France 3 are in mourning.

It is a sad news that the family is the Most beautiful life learned this Sunday, may 5 : the director Philippe Carrese died at the age of 63 years after a long battle with cancer. He had completed more than 400 episodes of the series. A disappearance that has affected many people, including the actors. Laetitia Milot paid tribute to him on Instagram : “All my thoughts go out to his loved ones. I loved working with this filmmaker and author of talent”, as Laurent Kerukose : “Mr. Carrese and The elegance of the discretion, the tender gaze and always gracious, long-suffering patience. A love of the craft and its craftsmen. More beautiful life loses today its ‘most beautiful’ Thank you for this adventure to the tomorrows that sing ! Tender thoughts to his family.”.

Tributes touching

Rebecca Hampton, the translator of Céline Frémont, thanked his “friend” for everything he was for them. “Thank you for your intelligence, your sensitivity, your smiles, your ‘We’re going to do something, it’s going to be good’, your confidence and your multiple talents… A man of exceptional will power off, and I am so sad. Good journey to you.”, wrote Elodie Varlet, alias Estelle Cantorel. Ambroise Michel (Rudy) pointed out a “Man of great talent, with a rare generosity and extreme kindness…”, adding “It was a delight to systematically work with him !! All my best thoughts to his family. Peace and respect”. Stéphane Henon(Jean-Paul Boher), Flavie Pean (Victoire Lissajoux), Bryan Treasury (Baptist) or Sara Mortensen (Coralie) have also paid tribute to this “grand monsieur”.


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