Plus belle la vie : Alexis Baginama (Valère) will leave the series

Plus belle la vie : Alexis Baginama (Valère) va quitter la série

Plus belle la vie : Alexis Baginama (Valère) will leave the series

Arrived in the beginning of the year 2019-the Mistral-the More beautiful life on France 3, Alexis Baginama – the interpreter of Valère, will benefit from the months of December to take his bags and leave Marseille following a very nice plot for her character.

New start coming to the Mistral wind of a More beautiful life. According to the information of Stars-Actu, it is Valère – the character of Alexis Baginama, who will be 30 next December. A surprise ? Not really if you look at the plot of the character since a few weeks.

New life for Valère

Indeed, in the wake of the disaster at the Lycée Scotto during which Valero has distinguished himself by his cowardice, which could have cost the lives of many people, including his friends, the high school student is now totally isolated, mocked, and denied, especially by Mila, his ex-girlfriend.

A difficult situation of daily living to the young man, and this, despite the support of Theo. Thus, according to the site, Valère will simply decide to change their lives by incorporating (finally) a military school. A logical choice in view of its journey from its first steps to the screen, but that does not mean that this departure will be final and that the teen will never ever squat the Mistral.

A happy ending for the teenager

On the contrary, before heading, Valero should be at the center of a beautiful plot, which could allow him to redeem himself and reconcile with a part of the inhabitants. Little information is currently known, but on the occasion of a new award dedicated to the series and aired on Christmas day, the character of Alexis Baginama could become a real hero by saving the life of Lucia, the daughter of John Paul and Samia.

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