Plus belle la vie : Aurélie Vaneck (Ninon) made his farewell on Instagram… before a return ?

Plus belle la vie : Aurélie Vaneck (Ninon) fait ses adieux sur Instagram... avant un retour ?

Plus belle la vie : Aurélie Vaneck (Ninon) made his farewell on Instagram, but already ready to return ?

It is this Tuesday, December 10, that Ninon is part of the Mistral, the More beautiful life in order to find Rudy and Martin in the North. What motivate Aurélie Vaneck, his interpreter, to post a lovely message on Instagram, even if these goodbyes could be only temporary…

Aurélie Vaneck is already thinking of a return

Just a few weeks after his return to the Mistral, Ninon is already distributed on Tuesday, December 10. A small tear for her father and her friends, but an absence that could only be temporary. At the micro -, Tele-Entertainment, Aurelie Vaneck – his interpreter, was recently open to the idea of returning to his role in a More beautiful life in the future.

Without being ready to regain a place as important as in the past,”I don’t know if I would re-would sign for ten years“, the actress has admitted that it was motivated to the idea of wearing another small plot : “perhaps there will be returns casual. (…) I was happy to do a plot closed, which allowed me to invest heavily.” Happy ?

The actress is proud of the series

By then, Aurélie Vaneck has used his account of Instagram to return on this new adventure in Mistral and thank everyone. Thus, after having recalled his “immense pleasure to have donned again the costume of this beloved Ninon” and put words back on that surprising “Four weeks of shooting intense, a lot of emotions shared with my partners cherish“, the actress has shared his pride in being associated with such a series.

This is an opportunity for me to say a big thank you to the team of authors and producers of Plus belle la vie have brought to the screen a subject as important as that of sexual harassment. Thank you for allowing me to contribute to this plot difficult and delicate,” she said, before confiding directly to the fans : “Thank you viewers, for your very many testimonials, acknowledgements and encouragement. A lot of love and courage to all those who are recognized in this plot, I wish you a beautiful life to come.

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