Plus belle la vie : Barbara soon return to the Mistral ? Leah Francis speaks out on his future

Plus belle la vie : Barbara bientôt de retour au Mistral ? Léa François se confie sur son avenir

Plus belle la vie : Barbara soon return to the Mistral ? Leah Francis speaks out on his future

Since the pregnancy of Leah Francis has not been integrated in the intrigue of a More beautiful life, Barbara has taken advantage of the maternity leave of his interpreter to slip from the Mistral. The heroin you lack ? Good news, the actress already knows when it will reappear on the screen.

A little girl to Leah Francis

Leah Francis has announced today she is the mother of a small Louison since 24 November last. A happy event for the actress, who confesses to Tv-Star totally be with the angels this holiday season : “We are super happy. We had our Christmas gift a month in advance, battery. As a result one is happy (…) For the moment I stay in my little bubble with my daughter and my sweetheart, but everything is going very well“.

A return has already been programmed

However, if Leah Francis is happy with this new role, she has no intention of abandoning that of Barbara in the Mistral for a More beautiful life. In other words, no new actress will be cast to replace the screen, as has recently been the case with the character of Coralie. Phew.

But then, when his grand return to France 3 ? For this, you need to have patience. Always with the magazine tv, the actress said : “I’ll be back in early next year in my role as Barbara. There they will leave me even a few months to get over it“.

However, when one knows that a maternity leave after delivery and lasts about 10 weeks, his return on the trays could not be completed prior to February 2020. Therefore, his return to the screen could not be staged before the month of march. Patience.

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