Plus belle la vie : Clément embraces Delphine, the couple return ?

Plus belle la vie : Clément embraces Delphine, the couple return ?

Coralie is already forgotten in the heart of Clement ? It is possible if one relies on an excerpt of a new More beautiful life. The program ? We find the father of Antoine and Theo kissing… Delphine.

A few days ago, David Marchal entrusted to Toutelatélé that Clement was not going to get back in a relationship with Delphine in a More beautiful life, and despite his support following his separation from Coralie : “today, they find themselves in a difficult time for their children. Clement is hurt and fragile, so there is an approximation, but there is no reason why he throws himself in his arms.

Clément and Delphine get closer still

However, if one relies on an excerpt of the episode 3920 which will be released on the 1st of November, on France 3, the ex-couple will soon pass a course in this approximation. You can see in our slideshow, the parents of Theo and Antoine are going to remember the little habits cute-loved the other and make mini-statements.

In this regard, Clement will confess : “I could see that you were passionate about. I admired that in you, your creativity, your energy… I’ve not said it enough“. What upset Delphine who will thank him a kiss on the cheek, in which Clément will respond by… a kiss on the lips.

Of course, we know the writers of the series, this does not mean that their relationship will restart. However, a new chapter seems to be clearly in the process of being written after several years of suffering.

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