Plus belle la vie : Coralie pregnant with Theo, the sex change for Antoine to be in 2020 ?

Plus belle la vie : Coralie pregnant with Theo, the sex change for Antoine in 2020

2020 could be the year of all the upheaval in the family Bommel. According to an excerpt of a new More beautiful life, the couple Coralie/Theo could be expecting a baby, and Antoine should finalize his sex change.

France 3 has just put online a preview of the episode 3962 More beautiful life, which will be released on 31 December. And the least we can say is that it can’t leave indifferent even the slightest fan. And for good reason, we learn several key findings.

A baby and a sex change in the Bommel

First ? Antoine reveals that it has begun the process of his physical transformation. In other words, the brother Theo takes hormones in order to, inter alia, to accentuate her hair and significantly reduce his chest and his hips. What mark a new and very important step in his quest for his identity.

Secondly, Tom assures him also be aware of an important development in his personal life. Without too much revealing detail about this, he confesses to Antoine have done something magical with… Eddie. Has your theories on the matter.

Thirdly, and lastly, Theo – who appears with an amazing mustache, always also lover of Coralie. Better, the couple is now waiting for a child ! Better yet, Antoine, Tom and Mila seem to be reconciled with them and support finally the two lovers.

True vision of the future ?

Too good to be true all this ? It is precisely the question being asked. It is not unusual to see sequences makes it a favourite in the series – especially at this magical time of year, the words “In a year…” visible at the beginning of the excerpt clearly suggests that it is a taste of 2020.

Above all, Christophe Louis, editorial manager of the series, recently confirmed to Tv Star that Antoine was actually going to fulfill her desire of sex change next year. A statement that fits so perfectly with this excerpt…

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