Plus belle la vie : Fabienne Carat (Samia) ruled out of the series because of Research Section ?

Plus belle la vie : Fabienne Carat (Samia) écartée de la série à cause de Section de Recherches ?

Plus belle la vie : Fabienne Carat (Samia) ruled out of the series because of Research Section ?

New recruit Section of the Research, including the season 14 is currently shooting, Fabienne Carat, she will have to say goodbye to Samia, and More beautiful life ? The actress has entrusted its management of the two series.

No, Samia’s not going to die in a More beautiful life. Fabienne Carat has not ceased to be reminded of these past few weeks, contrary to the rumors morbid surrounding her character, the writers have no intention to kill his heroine. With Téléstar, she recalled : “Everything is going well for Samia and for me. (…) If there is ever a day I needed to leave a More beautiful life, I hope that my departure would be smooth, for the fans“.

No starting forecast for Fabienne Carat

And in order to reassure the public about the future of the ex-wife of Boher, Fabienne Carat – recently recruited in the season 14 of Section of Research, recalled that it was easy for him to juggle between these two roles : “there is no problem. The two shootings, one in Nice and one in Marseilles, are close. The two series do not have the same way of producing. And I can play many characters.” In other words, the series of TF1 distance never of the Mistral.

Above all, she loves too much Samia for him to say goodbye. After having entrusted : “I can very well find Samia. I know it so well. It is like a shoe. I re-gliding in a snap“, the actress is shown to be happy to wear such a role on-screen : “I have the chance to interpret this character who has both lived. Samia has had a sacred evolution, it is a fighter. I am glad that it gives strength to women and conveys this message : you have to listen to his dreams“.

And obviously, the dreams of Samia could take a new twist by 2020 if we rely on the first revelations…

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