Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul and Leah, what is the future for the couple ? Stéphane Hénon reveals the answer

Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul et Léa, quel avenir pour le couple ? Stéphane Hénon dévoile la réponse

Plus belle la vie : Jean-Paul and Leah, what is the future for the couple ? Stéphane Hénon reveals the answer

Jean-Paul Boher and Léa Nebout will they truly form the new big torque of the Mistral, the More beautiful life on France 3 ? Stéphane Hénon, the interpreter of the police officer, has just unveiled the answer. And it may disappoint some…

The last bonus date of a More beautiful life may have been marked by a terrible disaster-the Mistral, but it nonetheless has given birth to a beautiful story. Trapped both under the rubble of the gymnasium of the high school Scotto, Jean-Paul Boher and Léa Nebout, in fact, quickly close to the point of throwing in a story that’s very special, combining flirtation to deep friendship.

No real torque for Boher and Leah ?

2020 she will as well allow the duo to move to a higher level ? Unfortunately, this is unlikely according to the words of Stéphane Hénon. While the doctor has recently refused to live in colocation with the police officer, the actor has confessed to Tv Pocket that their relationship may have touched its limits.

Despite a very important reminder, “In Plus belle la vie, you never know !“, Stéphane Hénon has shown to be pessimistic about their future : “A couple ? It looks in a bad way… And that is a shame, because it is a beautiful game. I think that their relationship will remain platonic.

Stéphane Hénon disappointed

A situation that is expected to disappoint some viewers as the dynamic of this duo exchange of the previous relations of Boher, and that seems to frustrate the player. Always with the magazine tv, he added : “We had a lot of positive feedback from the public. It was the first time that he seemed ready to accept that Boher be with someone other than Samia.

But all of a sudden, if Leah seems to be already out of the game, that becomes Samia in all of this ? “The only certainty is that it does not together with Samia. Finally, not for the moment !” Hum…

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