Plus belle la vie : Jocelyn soon death ? Its state will dangerously worsen

Plus belle la life : soon the end for Jocelyn ? Its state will dangerously worsen

The cemetery, the More beautiful life will soon be welcoming a new member ? Unfortunately, this is not impossible. According to Léa Nebout, the state of health of Jocelyn – her grand-father, will dangerously worsen.

The end of the year 2019 promises to be painful for the family Nebout in a More beautiful life. One can discover for several months now, Jocelyn – the husband of Yolande, father of Babeth Nebout, lives extremely poorly the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. So much so that it folds more on itself at the same time that he is away from his loved ones.

Soon the end for Jocelyn ?

However, according to a preview of a new episode 3950, which will be released on 13 December on France 3 (see in our slideshow), the situation would rapidly degenerate. Invited by Emily to talk about the state of health of their grand-father “He still has to how long lucidity in your opinion ?“, Leah – the wife of Boher, will indeed pessimistic for him : “a Few weeks, a few months, not more“.

If one relies on the about the doctor, the days that come will be even more complicated to live for him and for his family : “It is no longer going to recognize us, he is going to lose his words, he is going to have problems with speech, swallowing…

A program that has obviously nothing is pleasing and that could lead to a tragedy. When I see how Jocelyn is marked and felled by this disease, it is not silly to think that it would be the first to want to leave according to its terms. Enough to allow the writers to address the issue of euthanasia / the accompanying end-of-life ? Follow.

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