Plus belle la vie : Michel Cordes (Roland) on departure ? The production is insane

Plus belle la vie : Michel Cordes (Roland) sur le départ ? La production dément

Plus belle la vie : an actor belies the future departure of Michel Cordes (Roland)

When reality exceeds the fiction… So that the More beautiful the life that we are used to unexpected twists to the screen, it is in the scenes that we have this time the right to a funny situation. While the departure of Michel Cordes (Roland) was announced, the actor should not ultimately leave the series if we believe the production of the soap opera of France 3.

Michel Strings on the left ?

A few days ago, Téléstar – always well-informed about Plus belle la vie, announced the future departure of the actor Michel Cordes. According to the magazine, the interpreter of Roland would, in effect, decided to “put an end to his career as a comedian, “and therefore to leave the Mistral a few months. Téléstar even went as far as to announce the preparation “of a special episode, or even a prime time“, with a line-of-sight “end caps” at an “ultimate plot in season 16“, that is to say, by the start of the year.

An actor and production belie

Some of the revelations are surprising as it is not uncommon for actors to leave a More beautiful life in the course, but who have, however, been strangely denied this weekend. Thus, Pierre Martot – the interpreter of Leo Castelli, has just said on Instagram : “There is no question that Michel Cordes leave a More beautiful life, or that it will put an end to his career as an actor. Good weekend to all.

On his side, 20 Minutes managed to contact a source within the production that he has confirmed : “It’s not. His schedule has been a bit of a lightweight for some time, we see less Roland on the screen… But there is no question of a departure !

And a good news never comes alone, Roland should regain an important place in the series within a few weeks : “Not only it’s not, but it is even part of what is called a main arch, an arch to the narrative of A. It will therefore a lot of touring in the coming time and will be very much to the screen this summer.” All is well that ends well. The question is : for how long ?


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