Plus belle la vie : Samia soon be dead ? Fabienne Carat reassures the fans

Plus belle la vie : Samia bientôt morte ? Fabienne Carat rassure les fans

Plus belle la vie : after the rumor about the death of Samia, Fabienne Carat reassures the fans

Viewers may have already seen many of the characters die at the Mistral for a More beautiful life on France 3, but this does not mean that they are immune in the face of pain. Fortunately, Fabienne Carat has the promise, contrary to what has led us to believe a rumor, Samia is not going to be killed.

A few days ago, Fabienne Carat has had the bad surprise to see that her remarks made during a recent interview to be deformed by a site in order to make believe to the death of Samia, her character in More beautiful life. A situation that has logically worried about the fans and that has somewhat upset the actress.

No, Samia’s not going to die

Thus, after having made it clear on his social networks, the partner of Stéphane Hénon has benefited from a new interview with Tv Star to get back on this rumour, exit completely out of nowhere : “I had the impression of being in a parallel world. I received an avalanche of messages on social networks. Viewers were worried and sad, they were not asked !

Therefore, the actress – who should be at the centre of a big plot from the beginning of the year 2020, did not hesitate to promise : “All is going well for Samia and for me !“. Translation : you can take a breath, the ex-police was not going to die.

In this respect, it has also indicated that, if this should be the case one day, she would do anything to not to offend/frustrate viewers : “If ever a day I needed to leave a More beautiful life, I hope that my departure would be smooth, for the fans“.

It is nice of her, but when you know the sadism of the script-writers, one is moderately confident.

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