Plus belle la vie : Samia soon be killed ? The rant of Fabienne Carat in the face of rumours

Plus belle la vie : Samia bientôt tuée ? Le coup de gueule de Fabienne Carat face aux rumeurs

Plus belle la vie : Samia soon be killed ? The big blow of the mouth of Fabienne Carat in the face of rumours

The year 2019 will it end with the death of Samia, the ex-wife of Boher, – the Mistral-the More beautiful the life ? This is what tries to make you believe a rumor at this time. And Fabienne Carat, the interpreter, the teacher of self-defense, is not at all happy.

A future that is deadly to Samia at the Mistral ?

A few days ago, Fabienne Carat gave an interview to a Non-Stop People to talk about, among other things, the future of his character in ” Plus belle la life : “Is it that it has already been a question of having to die Samia ? Not to my knowledge. (…) I know that when a production decides that a character dies, and that it is not the desire of the actor, it is never a good sign.

Fortunately, as stated then, there is no reason to worry at the present time, neither it, nor the production, do not want to separate : “I have the chance to have a character that works and it goes very well, and the more I can do other things beside“. Also, even if he’s in the business of uncertainty “that it continues or that it stops, I would take it as an evidence in the work of an actor“, she cannot imagine bidding farewell to the Mistral in the weeks/months to come : “as long as it continues, it’s great, but this is never acquired. This is not because there is one in a series that will continue throughout life. It is necessary to continue to work hard, to please the public“.

The rant of Fabienne Carat

An interview rather clear and understandable manner ? Yes, but that has not, unfortunately, prevented another website to divert his remarks on the occasion of an article and to believe in its title : “Fabienne Carat spree Plus belle la vie : Samia is going to die“. An unexpected situation, which has logically provoked fear among some fans of the series on France 3, but especially the wrath of the actress.

On its Twitter accounts/Instagram, Fabienne Carat has shared a screen capture of the article with the mention of “BRAINWASHING” in red, and then she said in the caption : “Congratulations to the journalists, and these titles crowd pleasing !! I am flooded with messages from people that it’s sad, it’s just as well I was bored ;))) and I can still play several characters at the same time“.

Again, difficult to make more clear : there is nothing to fear for Samia. Even better, we learned recently, the ex-wife of Boher will have even the right to a big plot from the beginning of the year 2020. Happy ?

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