Plus belle la vie : soon a new family in Mistral

Plus belle la vie : bientôt une nouvelle famille au Mistral

Plus belle la vie : soon a new family in Mistral

The Mistral will soon welcome new residents ! In an interview, one of the producers of Plus belle la vie has a big announcement : a new family will land in the soap opera. The opportunity for the series to address new issues of society.

Since its inception there are already 15 years old, the More beautiful the life is interested in social subjects, important. The soap opera of France 3, for example, has already integrated its scenario the marriage for all, FAM, referred to the disability or well built a plot around a character who is transgender. A willingness to be more inclusive which will continue in the months to come.

A muslim family in a More beautiful life

It is the micro of the podcast Previously of Tv Leisure as Sebastien Charbit, producer of the Most beautiful life which is soon to be replaced by Geraldine Son-in-law, announced the arrival of a new family in Mistral. “We are going to have a family that comes in, which is a muslim family, before any north african but also muslim. it’s going to be the question of religion,” he explained, claiming that evoke the religion is absolutely not taboo or “forbidden” in the series.

The families, it is the heart of the life of the Mistral. We started out, there were 3 or 4 families. Today, I do not even know how it was ! Initially, there were 16 characters, today there must be about sixty. (…) Every three years, there was a need for a new family, to bring in new blood, it allowed us to give new dimensions to existing families, but also to amaze the public. (…) It is indispensable.” has entrusted to his side, Hubert Besson, creator of the series. An arrival that might thus be the occasion for a More beautiful life to address another topic at the heart of the news : the wearing of the veil.

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