Plus belle la vie : the deceived and betrayed, Jane is going to leave Vincent

Plus belle la vie : trompée et trahie, Jeanne va quitter Vincent

Plus belle la vie : the deceived and betrayed, Jane is going to leave Vincent

A couple without a problem, it does not exist at the Mistral for a More beautiful life on France 3. The evidence, in a few weeks, it is a new couple (Jane and Vincent), which should explode and separate.

New separation-the Mistral

The writers of Plus belle la vie are so sadistic that they will soon ruin the end of the year celebrations of a family emblematic of the Mistral. Don’t worry, nobody is going to die this time (RIP Jerome Belesta), but a new couple is going to explode in the month of December.

According to the information of Stars-Actu, it is Vincent and Jeanne, who could break up in a few weeks. A surprise ? Not at all. If the characters are together for years, it’s been a long time that the father of Ninon is no longer really attached to his girlfriend, spending more of his time to the trick to right-to-left that to him to make beautiful statements.

Secrets exposed to big day

And obviously, it is precisely his deceptions should be at the centre of this separation. Hurt by the little consideration which will be given by Vincent, Cherry – his new mistress, should not hesitate to take revenge. How ? First by accusing him falsely of rape – which could cause some tension with Ninon, and then, by revealing all her secrets to Jane.

Yes, this should finally discover the truth about the relationship of Vincent with Cherry, but also the one with Céline, yet unknown to all the world. What, logically, the upset and motivate them to take a radical decision, that of putting an end to their history and the turn from home.

15 years Most beautiful life is, and the characters still have not understood that when we wrong someone-the Mistral, it never ends well…

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