Plus belle la vie : the return of the couple Samia et Boher in 2020 ? Stéphane Hénon is for

Plus belle la vie : retour du couple Samia et Boher en 2020 ? Stéphane Hénon est pour

Plus belle la vie : the return of the couple Samia et Boher in 2020 ? Stéphane Hénon is for

2020 will mark the reunion official between Samia et Boher ? Stéphane Hénon seems ready for it. After reconciliations in 2019, and then a new distance with new stories each on their side, the actor imagines a re-marriage for the couple.

Is there a future between Jean-Paul Boher and Léa Nebout in a More beautiful life ? According to Stéphane Hénon, the answer is no. At the micro Tele Pocket, the actor has recently been shown to be pessimistic about them : “A couple ? It looks in a bad way… And that is a shame, because it is a beautiful game. I think that their relationship will remain platonic.

Samia et Boher, the couple return ?

What hope for a return of Samia in her life ? Why not. As we know, the heroine of Fabienne Carat will be a start to the year 2020 extremely hectic, which could keep it away from Hadrian Walter. And Stéphane Hénon would imagine his character to take the opportunity to retrieve his ex-wife.

Always with Tele Pocket, he said this : “I don’t know [if they will get back together]. If I put myself in the place of the authors, I say to myself that it would be a shame to be deprived of this potentiality. The idea of a remarriage, for example.

A story that can take its time

However, if this event should make the happiness of many fans, the actor also clarified that he was not in a hurry to see it come to fruition, “I will keep this cartridge for later“, and most importantly, that it was not mandatory. After all, “even if it was never nothing between them, they will always have that strong bond. This is an example of a divorce successfully.

The interpreter of Boher has also pointed out, their removal may be painful for the public, but it is beneficial to the series : “The separation of our couple of fiction has brought us a breath of fresh air. It is the opportunity to play other things, with other actors“.

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