Plus belle la vie : who is the real Tatoueuse hidden ? We finally have the answer

Plus belle la vie : qui est la véritable Tatoueuse masquée ? On a enfin la réponse

Plus belle la vie : who is the real Tatoueuse hidden ? We finally have the answer

In a few days, the greatest mystery of the moment in More beautiful life will finally know his conclusion. Yes, we will discover who hides under the nickname and the acts of the Tatoueuse hidden. And if you don’t want to wait for the broadcast on France 3, one already has the answer.

Who said that the writers of Plus belle la vie no longer able to surprise us ? Since a few days, a mysterious “Tatoueuse hidden” place in Mistral in taking on all those suspected of sexual assault. However, if we thought logically that it was Ninon behind the mask – his arrival coincided with the return of the heroine and her painful past with Baron, pblv-plusbellelavie now make sure that it was a false trail.

That is the tatoueuse hidden ?

According to the website dedicated to the series, “It is Eugenie who is going to prove to be the tatoueuse hidden“. A surprise ? Not that much to it. In the coming episodes broadcast on France 3, it will be a confrontation with Ariane to reveal to him “to have been raped by Manu Mongaut during an interview“. What legitimizing its actions and understand how this tatoueuse was aware of the dark secrets of some Mistraliens…

However, in order not to ruin his holidays of end of the year, Ariane will show surprisingly generous with it and, therefore, will “take the decision to release it without saying anything to his colleagues. In exchange, the journalist will have to stop his activities.” A second chance that Eugenie will move swiftly to take through an action unexpectedly : “She will then make her guy culpa, hidden, on its website and will announce that she has made a mistake in wanting to do justice for itself…

Now only remains to hope that the fight of the Tatoueuse hidden will, all the same served to something…

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