Plus two, Pugachev showed the world four young Galkynysh: “isn’t it time to retire?”

Еще плюс два, Пугачева показала миру четверых юных Галкиных: "А не пора ли на пенсию?"

Pugacheva and Galkin, photos Clutch

today, 11:46

As you know, the legendary singer Alla Pugacheva is not only actively touring, but also its own Instagram page, where often pleases fans of various photos and videos.

This time the actress showed the world a picture of “family young Galkin”. Consequently, it depicts the two children of the singer – Liza and Harry, and their two cousins – the children of the eldest brother Maxim, Dmitry, Alina and Gregory.

Note that this picture caused a flurry of comments that fans wish happiness as the star and her family.

Еще плюс два, Пугачева показала миру четверых юных Галкиных: "А не пора ли на пенсию?"

A screenshot from Instagram

“Happiness to all of you, live together and help each other. You all the best, long life in good health and happiness, and love”, “good”, “all These beautiful slender”, – write in comments.

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