Pluto will save humanity from the “aggression” of the Sun

Плутон спасет человечество от "агрессии" Солнца

The situation with the planet a bit cleared up only in 2015.

Miniature planet to play in the future for people the role of Jesus Christ. Pluto is three billion miles from Earth and still remains mysterious and romantic object that the scientists do not know as much as you want.

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The situation with the planet a bit cleared up only in 2015 after taking the spacecraft New Horizons. Camera of the aircraft recorded the “heart” of Pluto a width of 1600 kilometers, located just below the equator. Distance important part of the world can be compared with the path from Denver to Chicago.

New Horizons has traveled a decade in airless space before you give a new photo to the people. In 2019, the spacecraft sent images of the most distant point of Pluto, where he was able to get. It is called Ultima Thule. Dwarf planet ought to play a crucial role in the fate of the population.

Scientists believe that in seven billion years Pluto will save humanity from the “aggression” of the Sun. The fact that the luminosity of the star gradually increases. After the specified time due to the constant growth temperature of the Sun will begin burning hydrogen in a surrounding shell. In the end, the star will expand into a red giant and live on Earth will become impossible.

Completely different future Pluto. A dwarf planet located far away from the Sun and through billions of years it will develop conditions suitable for life. This should take advantage of the people.


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