Podcast by Maripier Morin: “I chose my girlfriend”, says Jean-Philippe Perras

Podcast by Maripier Morin: «I chose my girlfriend


The couple Jean-Philippe Perras and Maripier Morin almost did not survive the turmoil in which the host found herself in the summer of 2020. buttocks”, admits the actor at the microphone of the podcast Grains d'espoir.  

Jean-Philippe Perras does not hide it: he thought of leaving Maripier Morin when she found herself in the midst of controversy, in July 2020, following allegations of sexual misconduct and racism on the part of the singer Safia Nolin. 

“Of course I thought about leaving. You look at that and it's a mountain, an Everest,” says the 36-year-old actor. His hesitation, however, only lasted 40 seconds. ” I chose my girlfriend, love, my heart which said: we will get through this affair. “

Despite everything, Jean-Philippe Perras would not change anything in the journey of his couple. The actor notably returned to the moment when he accompanied his lover to Maison Péladeau, where she was about to undergo 21-day therapy. 

“ I was crying because in all this chaos, I felt that you were, and that we were, in the right place, recalls the father of their daughter Margot. 

The actor, who will be in the Mégantic series, also chose sobriety the day Maripier left therapy. 

“ I knew that for the rest of the things I was going to need all my head. I realized that I had to learn from her journey. 

  Spiritual low ground 

Still at the microphone of Grains of Hope, Maripier Morin became emotional when she mentioned the publication of the second article revealing new allegations of racist remarks, unsolicited sexual touching and physical assault, in May 2021 in La Presse . “I had hit a spiritual low point,” she admits. cross of Maripier Morin who wishes to rehabilitate his image and regain his place in the Quebec artistic milieu. She made her return to the screen last August with the role of Arlette in the film of the same name by Mariloup Wolfe. 

After a delay of several weeks, the episode was put on online this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on the Grains of Hope YouTube channel. 

In July 2020, Safia Nolin had publicly declared that Maripier Morin had bitten her in the thigh, had engaged in sexual misconduct and made racist remarks about her in a bar in May 2018. By then she had lost numerous contracts and had to withdraw completely from public life.