Podcast : the history of the automobile dealers of Quebec

Balado : l’histoire des concessionnaires automobiles du Québec


For more than a century, the automobile dealers are part of the urban landscape in Quebec.

These shops have changed dramatically over the decades, and a simple look at a few photos of yesteryear are enough to arouse nostalgia in the older and the admiration of young people.

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In order to share his passion for the history of the universe of car dealerships, Alexandre Trudel founded the group Facebook Dealers YESTERDAY, where he publishes frequent photographs and old ads from the automotive world of the Twentieth century.

In an interview with the issuance of The Guide the self on QUB Radio, the passionate quebecois has explained his approach. “I uses a tool that is truly magical, an endless source, this is the web site of the national archives of Quebec,” he says, explaining that it can find images from almost any dealer in the province, but also vintage commercials disseminated in the print media.

During this broadcast, there was also the issue of the coverage of the Guide to self-2021, several discontinued models at Honda, the upcoming arrival of a new Mitsubishi Outlander and a Shelby GT350 driven by Ken Miles, who became the Mustang the most expensive of all time.

To close the show, Germain Goyer and Frédéric Mercier discussed the range of three-wheeled vehicles Can-Am.

Don’t miss the broadcast of the Guide of the auto, every Saturday at 10 pm on QUB Radio.

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