[PODCAST] “The pay zone”: it’s time for predictions in the NFL

[PODCAST] “The paying area” dictions in the NFL


Which teams will face off in Super Bowl 57 on February 12 in Arizona? Even if the summer sun is still very present, it is never too early in The pay zone to attack such a crucial question!< /strong>

It's the first week of the season that begins in the NFL and the time for predictions has arrived. After analyzing the strengths of the 32 teams last week, your favorite NFL podcast releases its crystal ball to try to identify the finalists for the big duel.

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Our two budding Nostradamus, Jean-Nicolas Gagné and Stéphane Cadorette, are accompanied by a special guest who will also speak out on this thorny issue. The comedian, father of four and great football fan François Massicotte joins the duo for a segment during which it is not only about his prediction, but also his journey from former defensive back to that of proud supporter.< /p>

Still on the topic of predictions, who says week 1 also says 16 games on the schedule.The paying areatakes the time to dissect each duel and then decide on the expected outcome. It's the start of another epic rivalry between our co-hosts!

As usual, NFL news is also on the menu. We focus this week on the beginning of the Trubisky era in Pittsburgh, as well as the arrival of 10 new head coaches across the Goodell circuit.

For future episodes, we invite auditors to contact us with questions. It will be a pleasure to answer!

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The Paid Area is co-hosted by Jean-Nicolas Gagné and Stéphane Cadorette.