Podcasts on racism

Des balados sur le racisme

It is necessary to talk about racism at this time.

Either here or in the United States, more and more people seem to mobilize to address this problem in our society.

Whether with your friends or your family, it seems impossible not to talk about the subject.

This week, I suggest you 5 episodes of podcasts that will help you to think about the racial issue and what is happening around the world.

The price Numix

Although podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in Quebec, there are still a few prizes that highlight the work of the creators of podcasts quebec.

The awards gala Numix, an event rewarding digital creativity in quebec, is one of the few ceremonies that make up the podcasts.

For its 11th edition, which was held online from June 15 to June 18, the event has crowned 4 podcasts in different categories : girls,in the category “Interviews and conversations“, The secret life of art, in the category “Fiction and experimental”, Debouttes!, in the category “History” and Traffic, in the category “society Issue”.

My choice would have been slightly different with regard to the best podcasts quebec in 2019 and 2020, but it is encouraging to see the medium to receive the attention it deserves.

5 episodes on racism

The least you could do to Reply All – Gimlet

This production begins with a simple anecdote seemingly harmless (although it’s a little bit racist), but manages to plunge us head-first into a discussion revolving around the notions of reparations, to the allies and guilt, topics that are often difficult to explain clearly. An excellent episode directed for the occasion by the journalist Emmanuel Dzotsi.

How to talk about racism to a white person without getting tired of Pigments strong – QUB radio

Vanessa Designed and Dalila Awada discuss the support that comes with the fact that we speak of issues of race with white people who do not necessarily have the experience or the references that help to understand how racism is reflected in the day-to-day.

  • Listen How to talk about racism to a white person without getting tired now:

Let us to tell: The story crochie – Radio-Canada OHdio

We talk a lot about the racism of everyday life for African-Americans in the United States, but it would be important not to forget the racism experienced by aboriginal communities in Canada. This episode puts forward the history of indian residential schools, where many children were sent to pull them to their culture and community.

Why now, white people? Code Switch – NPR

This episode of the excellent podcast american Code-Switch to attempt to explain why an anti-racism movement as important, saw the light of day. The episode also questions why so many non-racialized now seem to be ready to fight for the cause. An interesting reflection on how social movements are born.

Without Filter Podcast #92 with Webster – SF Studio

This episode of the popular podcast of PH Cantin and Dominique Plant can be the perfect vehicle to initiate a discussion on the issue of racism through the participation of the rapper Webster, one commenter quebec to about particularly relevant in the current context.

Suggestion bonus: African-American Stand Up Comedy

If you have difficulty to listen to and digest long discussions about issues as charged as racism, humor can sometimes be a good vehicle to accompany you to such subjects. Dave Chappelle to Chris Rock, this collection of the best of stand-up african-american could very well play this role.

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