Point a weapon would have been able to turn to the drama

Pointer une arme aurait pu virer au drame

The individual who has exhibited what might be an air pistol during the protest against racism and police brutality on Sunday night in downtown Montreal has been a gesture that could have far-reaching consequences.

“The police practice is clear, starts the police officer retired from the Sûreté du Québec, François Doré. If an officer sees a person with a gun in the hands, either a true or a false, in a context such as a demonstration, he will not have time to ask too many questions, and will have to neutralize the danger, and all the tools from the trunk of his car may go through, especially the gun. “

On this image, an individual dressed in black displayed a weapon and pressed the trigger a few times to a white car Sunday in Montreal.

In a video captured by a cameraman of TVA News, a protester dressed all in black and wearing a mask deploys a gun and shoots the bolt backwards to load the weapon. He points then gun at a white vehicle that circulates on the boulevard Saint-Laurent, at the corner of rue Sainte-Catherine, with air support a few times on the trigger.

“This is really the worst nightmare a police officer, launches an agent that specializes in this kind of event. There are several people around this individual and it is stirred around, if you have to shoot, it is extremely dangerous to miss your target and hurt an innocent person. At the same time, the individual could also shoot innocent people. Air guns today are so well made that it is really hard to say if it is a real or a toy. “

The worst nightmare

One thing is for certain, the Montreal police investigation into this event and made it a priority. The locations have been verified, and no socket of a firearm was found on the ground. No one has been injured by the firearm at the event.

“We can’t be certain of that because the weapon has not been recovered, but when I look at the pictures, I have the impression that it is a air gun,” says Francis Langlois, professor of history specializing in firearms at the Cégep of Trois-Rivières. We hear a noise also, and it is stronger than if someone presses the trigger of a weapon empty. “

“This is not a real weapon, according to me, because there is no flame or spark, adds the tailor Pierre Turcotte. It is clearly an imitation, and a person who seems to play cowboy. Except that the police officer who is in front can’t know this at the time. “

Similar Situation

The police in Brome Lake have been struggling with a similar situation in the summer of 2018, when a teenager of 17 years old was shot and killed by officers as he travelled in the middle of the street with an air gun.

After she was asked to drop his gun, the young man would have refused and would have motioned, waving his weapon. The authorities, moreover, had held that the police had opened fire had done its job properly in the circumstances.

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