Points press Legault on the COVID-19: too partisan?

Points de presse de Legault sur la COVID-19: trop partisans?

The chroniclers policies Caroline St-Hilaire and Steve E. Fortin believe that the press briefings of the government Legault designed originally to inform the population about the crisis of the COVID-19 in Quebec have become too partisan.

“I’m tired of it. Today, it should be the last great mass of François Legault. I think it is becoming a forum that is much too partisan for François Legault […] It has become a pretext for the government to argue his points, particularly on bill 61,” said the ex-mayor of Longueuil to the issuance of Benoît Dutrizac, Friday morning, at QUB radio.

  • Listen to the chronic Wife of the head of Caroline St-Hilaire on QUB radio:

“His mass of 13h, François Legault does more than talk about COVID-19. Even before the journalists ‘ questions, he used his press to put pressure on the opposition. It is partisan politics […] François Legault does not expect to be questioned on the political issues of the day. He even added to his point to press the argument that he wants to make to the legislature, but it goes over the parliamentarians, and he tries to convince Quebecers of the merits, in the case of bill 61,” said for his part, Steve E. Fortin with Richard Martineau.

  • Listen to the chronicle of Steve E. Fortin on QUB radio:

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