Poland: 13 government medical advisers resign, denouncing inaction in the face of COVID-19

Poland: 13 government medical advisers resign, denouncing ;inaction in the face of COVID-19


Thirteen of the seventeen members of the medical council for COVID-19 tendered their resignations on Friday, accusing the populist national government of inaction in the face of the pandemic.  

The resigners motivated their gesture by “a lack of impact of the recommendations on the real action” of the government”, according to a press release reported by the PAP agency a few days later that Poland, a country of 38 million people, has passed the threshold of 100,000 COVID deaths.

The doctors blamed the government for “a growing tolerance for the behavior of circles denying the threat of COVID-19 and the importance of vaccination in the fight against the pandemic, which was also expressed by members of the government or government officials.” 

Doctors also blamed the government for “very limited action on the fall surge and then on the threat of the Omicron variant, despite the huge numbers expected deaths”. 

The resignations come after numerous calls from council members for the introduction of tougher restrictions in the face of the pandemic and a more active campaign in favor of vaccinations.

Several MPs from the ruling majority are openly opposed to vaccination and the government depends on their votes in parliament.

According to the Polish Ministry of Health, approximately 21.3 million Poles have been vaccinated with two doses. More than 8 million of them have been vaccinated with a third dose.

In total, Poland has registered until Friday 4.28 million cases of infection, including 101,841 deaths.  


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