Polar bears have attacked a village in Russia. Video

Белые медведи атаковали поселок в России. Видео

In the Internet appeared the video of the invasion of polar bears. On the Internet the inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region publish videos and pictures of the invasion of polar bears.

Local residents counted at least fifty predators, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the UNN.

“The Federal service for supervision in the sphere of environmental management in the Arkhangelsk region has created an operational group, which in addition to the staff of Rosprirodnadzor included scientists and experts on the polar bear. At the moment in the village Belushya Lip, city district New Earth state of emergency. Specialists operational team should assess the situation on the ground, to make calculation of the bears to understand how animals are aggressive and to develop measures to prevent attacks of bears on people”, – informs Rosprirodnadzor.

Professionals should assess the condition of the dumps that attract bears and then will decide or on the application of administrative measures and conducting unscheduled inspections of forces of Rosprirodnadzor.

“Rosprirodnadzor not issue permits for shooting animals, animals listed in the Red book. However, if the behavior of the bears will pose a real threat to human life and the bear will be killed on this fact materials will be transferred to the Procuratorial organs for further investigation of the case on the merits”, – added in Department.

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