Pole dance classes in Alès, a real place of self-confidence and a “breath of oxygen”

Pole dance classes in Alès, a real place of self-confidence and a “breath of oxygen”

On Place Henri-Barbusse, in a studio hidden from view, Manon Blanc teaches pole dancing. In his classes, outside competitiveness: solidarity reigns. 

In the collective imagination, the pole dance bar refers to the codes of the night world, to the burlesque of the 1920s. Until the end of the 20th century, pole dancing underwent a sulphurous reputation. Until its official recognition, in 2015, by the International Dance Council. Even in Manon's studio, in Alès, this sport has spread. Passed from nightclubs to the circus, then widely democratized on social networks, this discipline is both sporting and acrobatic, whose figures are created using a bar screwed from floor to ceiling , has (re) become popular with the general public.

Detach yourself from clichés

"The clichés attached to this sport are gradually beginning to fade away. The sport, fitness and dynamic side of pole dancing attracts the general public, who are starting to break away from preconceived ideas. For example, the little outfit is not meant to be sexy. But to hold on better to the bar. Even if not all the students admit to doing it, explains Manon Blanc, who opened her dance school for the first time in 2017. The young woman, who "did’not even go to a gym", discovered this discipline behind the television screen. Training at home, alone, she completed classes in a school in Mende, then the idea of ​​becoming a teacher gradually took shape. Gradually, I saw myself changing, first physically, since my body got stronger, I gained muscle. Mentally too; I gained confidence."

After training in Paris, at the Françoise studio, the plan to give lessons came to fruition. The Addict Pole school first opens on Avenue Général de Gaulle. Today, it is on Place Henri-Barbusse, in a three-room studio, that Manon Blanc teaches her discipline. But not only. In total, eight teachers teach aerial hoop, aerial hammock, vinyasa yoga, cross training, pole exotic, pole choreography, heels, ragga dance hall and stretching.

Female solidarity

"What I always tell students is that there is never any failure in these courses. Namely that it is a discipline in which there is a possibility of very rapid progress, underlines the teacher. We always offer suitable figures at levels, and what encourages students is the support and boost given by others."

Unlike gymnastics, or dance, which is often synonymous with rivalry and competition, pole dancing is a place to "enjoy yourself , have self-confidence, feel beautiful." Largely feminine, this sport is now open to men too. "C& rsquo;is a judgment-free space, truly intended to get rid of one's complexes. A place where we can release the pressure, bring back a smile, explains the young woman. It's a real breath of fresh air, even for teachers."

Addict Pole Dance, 20 place Henri Barbusse. Contact and registration on 06 77 73 65 55. Information on addictpoledance@gmail.com or on www.poledance-ales.com. I subscribe to read more

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