Police Intervention: the EIB survey in Blainville

Intervention policière: le BEI enquête à Blainville

BLAINVILLE | The Office of the independent surveys (EIB) will look at the circumstances surrounding a police response in which a man of 37 years old, was seriously injured, Monday morning, in Blainville.

The events occurred around 11.10 am at the Motel Boisé, located on boulevard Curé-Labelle.

Several calls were made to 911 to report that a man was intoxicated in his room, reported the ieo.

“Arrived on the scene, the police allegedly saw a man outside with a knife, the clothes smeared with blood and which had a laceration significant at the level of the neck, said the EIB in a statement. The police reportedly spoke with the man, who would be back in his room, and then throw his knife to the outside.”

“The police would have then attempted to enter the room. A weapon with electrical impulse would have been used on two occasions in order to contain the man and be able to rescue him”, added the Office of independent surveys.

The man was transported to hospital in a serious condition.

Eight investigators of the EIB have been dispatched to the scene to try to establish the circumstances of the intervention.

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