Police Portland prepares for the departure of the federal agents controversial

La police de Portland prépare le départ des agents fédéraux controversés

The police in Portland began on Thursday to evacuate the surroundings of a court in the city to prepare for the withdrawal of the federal agents sent by the government of Donald Trump and that the presence of controversy.

Police officers of Portland (north-west) asked all the inhabitants to leave the parks and streets in the city centre, bordering the federal court, under penalty of arrest, to complete the perimeter, found an AFP journalist.

Only fifty of the protesters were present at the mid-day, contrary to some thousands who have marched every night since the arrival to Portland of federal police officers.

“We will not let the police stop it,” shouted including these protesters.

“We want change, we want to move it “, said to AFP, Emily, artist of 35 years, ensuring that the withdrawal of the federal agents as long decried was not going to diminish the determination of those who have been protesting for weeks against racial discrimination and police brutality.

“They just replace the federal police,” says Emily, who is expecting the same clashes with the forces of order as the previous nights.

The mayor, a democrat from Portland, Ted Wheeler, has said that the evacuation of the surroundings of the court was part of the agreement announced the previous day between the local authorities and the government for the withdrawal of the federal agents.

The death of George Floyd, middle-aged black asphyxiated on 25 may in Minneapolis by a white policeman, has sparked in all of the United States, huge demonstrations of anti-racist. The mobilization was significantly impaired, but pockets of protest have persisted, especially in Portland, which are clearly marked on the left.

The deployment by the government of the federal agents, sometimes from the customs or the border police, and featuring a wide range of military, has had the effect of hardening of the movement in this city with a long history of protest.

“Today, the federal troops prepare to leave the center of Portland. We will protect the free expression and the right to peaceful protest “, had welcomed on Twitter the governor a democrat from Oregon, Kate Brown, accusing president Donald Trump to have mounted a coup “policy” in the sending.

The agreement provides that the local police will ensure the maintenance of law and order outside of the court, subject to a few federal agents, which is their usual mission of securing the buildings themselves.

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