Police shot the sleeping in the car 20-year-old rapper

Полицейские расстреляли спящего в авто 20-летнего рэпера

The actor died while in own vehicle. The police reacted to the presence of his arms.

In the U.S. in California, 20-year-old rapper Willie McCoy was shot by police while in his own car, parked to the restaurant. According to relatives of the deceased, he slept when he was discovered by law enforcement. About it writes The Guardian.

Six officers fired at the man “several approaches”. It is known that the rapper had a gun, which was officially registered on it. The reason for its existence was listed “fear of security”.

“There was no attempt to find a peaceful solution. The task of the police is to arrest people who violate the law, not to take the law into their own hands. You are the judge, jury, and executioners… We will never overcome it”, – commented on the incident, mark McCoy, older brother of the victim.

Relatives claim that the response of law enforcement related to racial hostility.

According to the police, they started shooting after the rapper reached for his pistol in response to a request to raise their hands. Then the order was given to open fire. A young man from the received wounds has died on the spot.

Earlier it was reported that 28-year-old British rapper Cadet died in a car accident as a result of collision of passenger cars and vans.


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