Politics, “if we could leave that a little aside, it wouldn’t be bad…” says Adrien Rabiot

Politics, “if we could leave that a little aside, it wouldn’t be bad…” says Adrien Rabiot

“Le droit de vote, il faut s’en servir”, a insisté Adrien Rabiot. MAXPPP – Alexandre MARCHI

Interrogé à son tour sur la situation politique en France, mercredi 19 juin, le milieu des Bleus Adrien Rabiot appelle au vote mais désire que le groupe soit moins impacté.

Mbappé or the elections. For several days, the French team's press conferences have given pride of place to two themes. The second, burning since the victory of the RN in the European elections, and before the early legislative elections, was addressed by Adrien Rabiot and William Saliba, Wednesday in Paderbon.

If the defender of the French team does not consider himself "not the best placed" but still "encouraged to go vote", his partner in the middle was much more explicit.

"We are in a democracy, we have to accept it"

A few days after the speech of his captain Kylian Mbappé or Marcus Thuram, who called for a barrier "to the extremes" and "at the RN", Rabiot is aware that “the future is at stake”, that the “subject is very important, even burning”.

But “everyone is free to think what they want, continued the Juventus Turin player. What we want to tell people is to go and vote, not to let others choose for you. The right to vote must be used."

Rabiot was nevertheless much more measured when it came to expressing his opinion. "Everyone is free to vote according to their convictions. We are in a democracy, we have to accept it", he said.

"Our internal problems which are not minor"

Above all, the former Toulousain or Parisian wants this subject not to disturb the French team. "We must not be too much of a parasite within the group either. We have a competition to manage. We have our internal problems which are not minor. If we could leave that aside for a bit, that wouldn't be bad…", he whispered.

As Kylian Mbappé stated, the Blues are thinking about joint action. But if the intention is known, the means remain unclear. "We're waiting to write it all together", Saliba explained on Wednesday.

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