Polozhynsky of the group “Tartak” has declared that leaves the stage: “I realized that I can not”

Положинский из группы "Тартак" объявил, что уходит со сцены: "Я понял, что больше не могу"

today, 06:22

Famous Ukrainian musician, frontman of the group “Tartak” and the project “Buu yea” Oleksandr polozhynsky said that stops his career.

Loud the decision he announced Wednesday, February 5, immediately after the court meeting in respect of the suspect in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet musician and volunteer Andrei Antonenko. Polozhynsky has recorded a video message and published on the page in Facebook.

“I decided that I will no longer speak Tartak, and not to speak with the Bouvier…It’s sad and very difficult and painful. But I realized that everything can not” — said polozhynsky.

The musician expressed a request not to bother him with questions regarding the reasons for its decision. According to him, now he has no specific plans for the future.

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He added that it is “sad and hurt” and asked fans to “refrain from questions of public and private”.

“Now the decision is made and appeal is not currently subject to. What will happen in the future – I don’t know specific plans do not have. It’s hard to explain with words. Perhaps it will eventually respawn at once more vivid the best option. I want to thank you all for been with them all these years, loved, supported, and for you it’s all the same it was something important, not just for me,” added polozhynsky.

Uryvok z song “life” for me, Yak devs.
( I shte song Vova Zi Lvova – I do not strain – just moï mast for…

Geplaatst door Julia Novosad op Woensdag 5 februari 2020

Recall, the soloist of group “Tartak” polozhynsky gave testimony in the case of Sheremet

As reported by the portal Znayu polozhynsky said, as relates to quotas on Ukrainian music

Also Znayu wrote polozhynsky said he thinks about the tour some musicians in Russia.

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