Polyakov and Potap pleased their fans and spoke about the wedding: “Founded in the roots of our ancestors…”, video

Полякова и Потап обрадовали фанов и рассказали о свадьбе: "Заложено в корнях наших предков...", видео

today, 16:56

Soon Ukrainians will be able to enjoy the second part of the domestic Comedy “Skujene wedding music”. So, in anticipation of the premiere of star presented the song together, and talked about ideal weddings.

A trio of stellar artists — Potapov Oleg Vinnik and Olya Polyakova has recorded a joint song, which became the official soundtrack for the Comedy “wedding Skujene 2”. The Song “Holy! Holy! Holy!” dedicated to the three main holidays in Ukraine. By the way, it’s already available for listening online.

Journalists Viva spoke with renowned producer Alexei Potapenko (Potap) about marriage, because his memories of the wedding are still very fresh. Journalists also questioned and “superblondinka” domestic showbiz Olga Polyakov.

Полякова и Потап обрадовали фанов и рассказали о свадьбе: "Заложено в корнях наших предков...", видео

Olya Polyakova, Potapov and Oleg Vinnik, viva.ua

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Olya Polyakova

– Tell us about your wedding. What was she like?

It was very beautiful! I had the garden of Eden, God, Lucifer, angels, a cake in the form of an Apple, and on each table was a tree-the tempter and flowers. It was cool! I’m happy in my life was a wedding, there is something to remember. My only omission — I had a peach dress from Yudashkin, which cost wild money, and no veils.

Полякова и Потап обрадовали фанов и рассказали о свадьбе: "Заложено в корнях наших предков...", видео

Alexey Potapenko, viva.ua

Alex Potapenko (Potapov)

– They say that a wedding without a fight — not a wedding at all. What, in your opinion, should be the real Ukrainian wedding?

We just sang the first soundtrack of “CB2” group Mozgi. There are the words: “TSE – country traditions, on well dati on pits…”. Fight in Ukrainian traditional weddings, too. Still, the gathering of relatives, flavored with champagne, invariably produces interesting consequences. This is a great event for a lifetime, which should last a few days. But what about the kidnap and ransom of the bride… of Course, the modern wedding has undergone some modifications, but the spirit of unbridled “saganaga” fun inherent in the roots of our ancestors. It’s all spelled out in our cultural code.

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