Polyakov enters in showbiz his nurse: “tomorrow we will…”

Полякова вводит в шоубизнес свою няню: "С завтрашнего дня мы будем..."

Lyudmila Bazelyuk, the press service of the STB

today, 02:30

Famous and scandalous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova is suggested for the nanny of their children to contract, and ready to produce. It happened during the first live vocal show “X-factor” on the STB.

The woman decided to try myself as a singer in the new season of the vocal show. She not only conquered the audience with his singing, but made the team Polyakova. And this, in turn, gave the opportunity Bazelyuk live to sing the song of Oleg Vinnik “she-Wolf”.

Полякова вводит в шоубизнес свою няню: "С завтрашнего дня мы будем..."

Lyudmila Bazelyuk and Olga Polyakova, the press service of the STB

“I have to be honest with you. You sang beautifully, it was incredibly emotional and sensitive, you have a great voice, but I have to give a chance don’t you,” said Polyakova.

She also offered her a contract, private patronage and a tour of Ukraine.

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“People, I offer you a contract with me, and tomorrow we will pick up you repertoire. And Ukraine, I want to say: wait in the cities of the singing nurse”, – summed Polyakov.

Recall that the Polyakov wedding dress stunned the photo with Potapov.

As reported Know. ua, Polyakov has made a fantastic offer for a private nurse, part.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the daughter Polyakova in a short dress spree with the boys.

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