Polyakov won Miami a body in a swimsuit, you will be envied by any model: “You’re 20?”

Полякова покорила Майями телом в купальнике, позавидует любая модель: "Вам 20 лет?"

yesterday, 18:18

Popular Ukrainian singer, and the most famous superblondinka Olya Polyakova, who was sitting in the jury of the talent show “X-Factor”, often indulges fans with bright posts in his Instagram. This time star beauty boasted that after the Christmas filming, concerts and corporate events, went to the long-awaited U.S. tour. So, the first concert she will give in Sunny Miami January 7, and then sing in the colder Toronto, Chicago and new York.

A new photo that showed the singer in a network, she did to herself with an interesting angle. As you can see, Olga came to the beach in a sexy yellow swimsuit with an inscription on her chest apart. Her hair loose and waving in the breeze, and in the face of huge sunglasses, Polyakova took a seductive pose, photographing themselves. In the caption to the photo star asked, “And what have you there?” and fans rushed to discuss its publication. Someone answers the question Oli, and others admire her beauty and showered with compliments in the comments.

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Полякова покорила Майями телом в купальнике, позавидует любая модель: "Вам 20 лет?"

Recall that the Polyakov crazy long legs.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the daughter Polyakova surpassed in beauty even the mother.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Olga Polyakova showed how should look like a real Queen of the night.

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