Polyakova accused of plagiarism.

Полякова обвинила Лободу в плагиате

The singer noticed the similarities between your image and appearance Loboda in the new clip.

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda presented a new video for the track Instadrama. Its colleague on a scene Olya Polyakova hinted at plagiarism in this video. Comparative photo appeared on the official page in Instagram Polyakova.

Polyakov has compared his image in the clip the Queen of the night and Loboda in her new job. The images show that both singers have the same haircut, very similar clothing, individual scenes in the video and even facial expression and gestures.

Polyakova has not put forward direct accusations, but wrote the phrase “Queen of the night? Coincidence?”.

The opinion of network users divided. Some agreed with Polyakova, stressing that they themselves also noted the similarity of the singers. There were those who began to protect Loboda, claiming that millions of people go that way.

Before photos are “dead” Loboda has caused controversy in the network. It was also reported that Polyakov has presented a Frank track Lover.

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