Pompeo calls “the free world” to “triumph” of the “new tyranny” chinese

Pompeo appelle «le monde libre» à «triompher» de la «nouvelle tyrannie» chinoise

The head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo, on Thursday called on “the free world” to “triumph” in the face of the “new tyranny” embodied according to him, communist China, after the closure of the consulate of china to Houston describes as ” a hub of espionage “.

“Today’s China is more and more authoritarian to the interior of the country, and more aggressive in its hostility to freedom everywhere “, he said in California during a speech whose tone reminded more than ever the cold War with the soviet Union.

In an attack of unusual virulence against the president of one of the world’s major powers, he also has accused Xi Jinping to be a ” follower of sincere an ideological totalitarian in bankruptcy “, making reference only to its duties of “general secretary” of the communist Party.

The speech, delivered from the presidential library Richard Nixon Yorba Linda, intends to summarize the strategy of firmness of the president, Donald Trump the face of the asian giant presented on several occasions as a “threat” or ” danger “.

It comes a day after the announcement of dramatic closure of the consulate in the chinese city in Texas, imposed by Washington over a new address in the unprecedented escalation between the two great rival powers.

Beijing has promised retaliation against this decision, unprecedented since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1979. Diplomacy: china has denounced a new time on Thursday of a “slander malicious” that ” dismantles the bridge of friendship between the Chinese and the Americans “.

“We closed the consulate of China in Houston because it was a hub of espionage and theft of intellectual property,” said Mike Pompeo, without stating clearly the facts complained of his diplomats.

“The time has come for the nations free to pass the act,” he hammered, calling for ” a new alliance of democracies “.

The objective of this passage to the act should be to “change of attitude” in Beijing, he argued, without going so far as to advocate a change of regime.

“If we bow now, our grandchildren might be at the mercy of the chinese communist Party, whose actions constitute the first challenge of the free world,” he insisted. “Xi has no vocation to sow forever the tyranny in China and abroad, unless we let them. “

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