Pompeo does not exclude the possibility of Putin being invited to G7

Pompeo n'exclut pas que Poutine soit invité au G7

The government of president Donald Trump has reaffirmed on Wednesday to have shown firmness against Russia in Afghanistan, but left the door open to the participation of Vladimir Putin at a summit expanded the G7.

The executive is under the fire of critics since the american media have reported over the weekend that Russian agents had distributed money to the soldiers “close to the taliban” so they could kill american soldiers or NATO in Afghanistan.

Mr. Trump has again denied Wednesday that they have been informed by the us intelligence services, ensuring that the sources had not been considered strong enough to ensure that the details go back up to him.

“It is a canard of the newspapers and democrats “, he said to the Fox. “Frankly, I think a lot of people within the intelligence services did not believe that it had really happened “.

But according to these newspapers, which rely on anonymous sources within the u.s. intelligence, the information was passed on to Donald Trump, and the national Security council of the White House has discussed the end of march but no action is taken.

For its part, the head of american diplomacy, Mike Pompeo, has claimed that there was “nothing new” in the fact that the activities of Russia in Afghanistan, were contrary to the interests of the United States, but he defended the response of the american administration.

“We have taken this seriously. We have adequately managed, ” said Mr. Pompeo, who is a former director of the CIA, refraining from any comment on the information in the american media.

Putin in Washington?

“The Russians are selling arms that will put Americans in danger for 10 years. We have expressed our disagreement, ” added the us secretary of State.

“When we see credible information that suggest that Russia puts american lives in danger, we respond in a serious way “, he said. “Is it that we are cautioned, is what we are talking about? The answer is: of course we do “.

However, Mr. Pompeo has not excluded that the Russian president Vladimir Putin must be invited to the United States.

Mr. Trump has proposed once again in early June to invite them to the next G7 summit with his counterpart Vladimir Putin, which had been excluded in 2014 in what was then the G8 to have annexed Crimea.

“It is the president who decides whether he wants to invite to a summit or not,” said the american secretary of State during a press conference.

“It is up to him to take this decision “, added Mr. Pompeo. “But I am convinced that it is absolutely important that we have more frequent contacts with the Russians “.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly expressed willingness to improve relations with Vladimir Putin, who was obtained Wednesday by the ballot box, a constitutional revision allowing him to remain in the Kremlin until 2036.

These efforts have generated concern even in the ranks of the republican Party, traditionally in favour of a harder line against Russia.

Democratic senator Robert Menendez has proposed on Wednesday to impose sanctions on Russia because of the case of premium Russian. The text provides in particular an asset freeze and the ban of the territory for Mr. Putin, Defense minister Sergei Choïgou and other Russian officials if it is proved that they have been involved in the bonus program for the death of Westerners in Afghanistan.

“With the details that continue to surface about the odious Russian program, Donald Trump once again proves that he is unable to protect our troops and our country,” commented Mr. Menendez in a press release.

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