Pompeo has denounced “the aggression” of chinese towards India

Pompeo dénonce « l’agression » chinoise envers l’Inde

The head of the american diplomacy Mike Pompeo has condemned Wednesday’s “aggression” the chinese towards India and felt that a new territorial dispute with Bhutan, which reflected the policy of “intimidation” carried out by Beijing.

“The Chinese have been incredibly aggressive,” said the american secretary of State, commenting during a press conference on the recent armed confrontation on the border, fought in Ladakh, in northern India.

“India has done its best to meet them “, added Mr. Pompeo, indicating they had discussed several times the tensions between the two countries with the indian foreign secretary Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

On 15 June, the military, indians and chinese clashed in a melee of extreme violence in the valley, Galwan, located in Ladakh (north of India). The two asian giants have several border disputes in the desert in high altitude.

First confrontation deadly between their two armies over the past 45 years, the clash has claimed the lives of 20 military indian side and caused a flare-up of fever antichinoise in India. Beijing has not disclosed the number of victims in its ranks.

Mr. Pompeo noted that China had also protested against a request for an international loan of Bhutan to create a natural sanctuary in the East of the small himalayan kingdom.

“Chains of the Himalayas to the territorial waters of Vietnam, in the Senkaku islands and elsewhere, Beijing has a habit of cause of territorial disputes “, he said. “The world should not allow these intimidations, nor allow them to continue. “

The Senkaku islands, east China sea, are claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan.

“There’s not a lot of neighbors (from China) who can say with any certainty where their sovereignty stops and if the chinese communist Party will respect their sovereignty,” said Mr. Pompeo.

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