Pope Francis warned Europe about the biggest problem

Папа Римский Франциск предупредил Европу о самой большой проблеме

Wednesday, June 20, Pope Francis gave an interview to Reuters. The Pontiff rarely so detailed answers to the journalists ‘ questions. The conversation went on various topics, including the health of the head of the Catholic Church.

81-year-old Francis said he feels fine, nothing bothers him except for the pain in her leg. This, according to him, associated with chronic back problems.

The journalist reminded the Pope, as Francis soon after his ascent to the papacy admitted that one could resign for health reasons, following the example of his predecessor, Benedict XVI. “Now I don’t even think about it”, — said the Pontiff.

A large part of the conversation was devoted to the issue of migrants. Francis believes that this is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today. This problem concerns not only Europe but also America.

The Pope mentioned the recent situation with the illegals in the Mediterranean picked up by rescue ships and brought to the shores of Italy, but the Italian authorities, and then and Malta refused to accept casualties, though among them were many women and children. As a result, a group of illegal immigrants agreed to let the Spain.

“I believe we have no right to deny people who have already arrived. We have to accept them, help them, care about them, and then think where to place them completely. Of course at this stage must engage all European countries,” — said the Pontiff.

Some governments are working on it. Migrants should be placed in the best way. And to create around them, the psychosis should not be. It will not solve the problem. Populism does not solve all problems. The decision of tolerance, openness, learning… the Paradox is that Europe needs more immigrants. European countries will have a large demographic winter. Without migrants, Europe will be empty”, — said Francis.

The Pope also condemned the policy of the American authorities towards illegal immigrants. In particular, he criticized the practice of separating parents with children, which the United States conducted from mid-April. As already reported “FACTS”, not less than 2 000 juveniles in the United States were separated from their parents over the last eighteen months and placed in special centres. On June 20 the President of the United States Donald trump ordered to stop this practice.

Such actions — the forced separation of parents and children — the Pope has called “immoral and contrary to our Christian, Catholic values.”

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