Popular actor shocked fans with a confession: terminally ill

Популярный актер шокировал поклонников признанием: неизлечимо болен

Popular British actor James Norton said that suffering from diabetes of the 1st type. It was diagnosed at the stars of the series “Mcmafia” 10 years ago.

Norton inherited type of diabetes. It was handed down to him through the maternal line and the only one in the family who has this disease – the father of the actor.

“My younger sister diagnosed with it in 9 years. My mom is 58. My first symptoms appeared at the age of 22. It was then that I began my acting career. It manifested itself in that I abruptly started to lose weight and constantly felt fatigue,” says Norton.

Популярный актер шокировал поклонников признанием: неизлечимо болен

Disease requires from the actor control the level of glucose in the blood. In this it helps the special monitor. The device looks like a small box and attached to the body. Data on the level of glucose it sends to the phone.

If the blood sugar level reaches a critical value, the device gives an alarm. Monitor actor wears on his chest, and in the case that during the shooting you need to expose the torso, attaches the device to the buttocks.

“With this diagnosis difficult to play in the theater, where the scene needs to be about 1.5 hours. If it’s a historical drama, I ask costumers to make a hidden pocket, which can put medications. When you feel that start to shake, I improvise. Usually taken to roam the stage and so I go backstage, where he quickly put into his mouth a few pills. Then come back on stage and continue as if nothing had happened,” says Norton.

Популярный актер шокировал поклонников признанием: неизлечимо болен

Throughout the day the actor have to do about 15 injections of insulin. Increase the dose if eats more sweets than usual. In this case the actor for 10 years so used to their own illness, which already considers her his superpowers.

“Thanks to your diagnosis, I know that feel, not only diabetics, but everyone who has a disease that makes them not like other people. This greatly expands the possibilities”, says the actor.

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