Popular game Mobile PUBG equated to drugs

Game PUBG Mobile in Nepal has been made punishable

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Today, 10:25

Популярную игру PUBG Mobile приравняли к наркотикам

PUBG Mobile is prohibited in Nepal

Virtual battlefields of the insanely popular mobile game PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds were blocked in Nepal. In this country PUBG officially banned, and attempt to play it will be prosecuted by law the game of risk equated to drugs. This prohibition is motivated by the requirement “to stop a mobile drug abuse and anti-violence in video games”. Thus, for trying to play PUBG Mobile VPN in Nepal gamer can really be arrested. Reports TheHimalayanTimes.

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The chief intendant of the police of Nepal Dheeraj Pratap Singh received eight letters from different schools and 25 letters from parents with complaints of a demonstration of wanton violence in PUBG Mobile that was the last straw for local authorities. The game is banned in the country in order to protect young people from the corrupting influence of virtual violence. Psychiatrists also agreed that PUBG too dangerous for children, causing psychological dependence and increased aggression levels.

The purser went to the Kathmandu district court and asked for approval of the banning of the game throughout the country. After hearing the arguments of the police, psychiatric reports, having examined the complaints of parents, as well as taking into account the fact that PUBG Mobile banned in many countries for the “evocation of unwarranted aggression in children”, the court ultimately approved a ban of the game in Nepal.

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April 11, the court sent a letter to the National Directorate of telecommunications Nepal to immediately ban PUBG Mobile among all Internet service providers, mobile operators and network providers in the country. As of today, the game in PUBG Mobile in Nepal has been made punishable.

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We will remind that earlier free game Fortnite has earned a billion dollars on children. And recently, the game Minecraft has received a fantastic graphics.

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Популярную игру PUBG Mobile приравняли к наркотикам

Популярную игру PUBG Mobile приравняли к наркотикам

Популярную игру PUBG Mobile приравняли к наркотикам


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