Popular group “Time and Glass” will be immortalized on the “star Square”

On the first day of October in the famous “Square of stars” will be the star of the popular group “Time and Glass”

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This fall on the famous “star Square” will ignite some new stars, the idols of millions of Ukrainians – in October, well-known Actresses of theatre and cinema Irma Vitovska and Larissa Kadochnikova, and in November – sports stars, whose names while the organizers kept secret. Well, the first day of October, organizers are preparing for the big event – the awarding of the stars of the popular group “Time and Glass”.

The project “Time and Glass” was founded in 2010 under the leadership of Alexey Potapenko (Potap) together with the producer center “MOZGI Entertainment” Irina Gorovoy. The group included Alex Zavgorodniy (Positive) and Nadia Dorofeeva. Premiere of the first clip of “if only” held 17 November 2010. Already 10 days later the video came in 5th place for number of views on YouTube in category “World musicians”. Then came new songs, albums, participate in television entertainment programs, tours.

Today the group “Time and Glass” without exaggeration can be called the most successful pop group in the country. For 9 years the guys have become the main trendsetters and hit-makers of the modern show business and created his own musical style. Their music popularitywith Ukraine around the world: songs can be heard on the world’s top radio stations, and the clips set the millions of records on YouTube. video for the hit song “Time and Glass” – “the Name 505” has collected more than 225 million views!

Their large-scale concert tours “Name 505”, “Style” swept hundreds of cities and dozens of countries and ended with a Grand show in Kiev. Now the guys are preparing for the solo show “Time and Glass”, which will be held on October 5 at the Palace of Sports, is preparing a nationwide tour VISLOVO. By example Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive inspire young artists – in 2017 they act as mentors rating the vocal project “Voice. Children.” Every year the group receives prizes and awards from the most prestigious music awards.

“We keep track of sports stars, cinema, show business, look at the trend of their popularity, with an eye to including their morals, social principles, the examples that they give. Choose unconditional authority, which can be an example to our young people”, – shared the secret of selecting stars Alexander Sokolinsky, one of organizatorov project “star Square”.

On this day in honor of the artists will be mounted in a star on “star Square”. The ceremony itself promises to be fun and, as always, scale as star, which will mark the day despite his young age, is very popular among Ukrainian youth. As the celebrants will be present at the laying of the stars personally, their fans and guests of the Mall Gulliver, next to which is the “Square of stars”, will be able to congratulate the idols and recognition, to communicate with them, participate in contests, make photo on the memory. Well, all fans of the group will learn more about it via a QR code, written in the star in the Square.

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