Popular Hollywood actor apologized for his unseemly appearance (photo)

Популярный голливудский актер извинился за свой неподобающий вид (фото)

In Odessa started the ninth international film festival. Traditionally, its opening took place on the stage of the famous Odessa National Opera and ballet theatre. The day before the Grand event in front of the main entrance to the theater began to spread the red carpet, along which marched the guests of the festival.

The guest star of the event was a popular Hollywood actor Eric Roberts. Among the guests lit up: Natalia Buz’ko, Oleg Filimonov, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Rimma zyubina, Elena Kravets, Boris Barsky, Victoria Korogod, Ilyas of Sahara, Melovin.

Популярный голливудский актер извинился за свой неподобающий вид (фото)

Leading the ceremony were the actress Yanina Sokolovskaya and journalist of TV channel “Ukraine” Oleg Panuta.

— I have the honour once again be leading the ceremony — admitted “FACTS” Oleg. — I know that Ukrainian cinema is now experiencing a “Renaissance” and the program of the Odessa film festival is a proof.

The opening ceremony of kinofest began with a rally of solidarity with Oleg Sentsov, who on this day celebrated 42 years. “At the next festival Oleg have to be in the hall!” — said the head of Goskino Philip Ilyenko.

Applause from the audience came on stage American actor Eric Roberts. His appearance did not match the strict dress code of the festival, which prohibited to wear jeans .

— Sorry, I like this! asked Roberts to the audience. — Just could not get out of role play now, unshaven person in jeans.

Популярный голливудский актер извинился за свой неподобающий вид (фото)

What Eric Roberts had the honor to present the award for contribution to film people’s artist of Ukraine Ada Rogovtseva. This year Ada Nikolaevna became a member of the festival jury.

— I’m quite touched by the reception — admitted Ada Rogovtseva, bowing to the audience. — For me, Odessa is a special city. My parents brought me here when I was two months and the first four years of my life our family lived here. Here we found the war. Now it happened that war has come again to my Homeland. And again, mothers waiting for sons. But we have the power to live and win!

Популярный голливудский актер извинился за свой неподобающий вид (фото)

Accepting the award from Hollywood actor, hugged him, Ada Nikolaevna admitted: “In my life there were many men but not all I liked. Erica, I just love it!”

My new short story on the Odessa women pleased the audience, and the famous writer, the inhabitant of Odessa Michael Zhvanetsky. It has long been called “the mascot” of the festival. Hall met Mikhail Mikhailovich standing. “Happy festival!” wished the writer, giving start to the ninth kinofest.

As previously reported “FACTS”, a famous Hollywood actor, who arrived to Ukraine, said the “FACTS” about their diet.

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