Popular pumptrack

Populaire pumptrack

The centre of mountain bike Trails du Moulin in Lac-Beauport opens this summer its all-new “pumptrack” asphalt. The Journal has seized the opportunity to learn more about this equipment which is experiencing a rise in popularity by posing five questions to Serge Veuthey, technical director of Velosolutions Canada, the company that has conducted this course in a closed circuit littered with bumps and turns.

1. What is a pumptrack ?

“A pumptrack is a track made of a succession of bumps and turns that it takes to chain to move and pick up speed, the more one goes fast, the more we can soar high in the turns and jump bump hump. The exercise is good for the development of the steering of the bike, it is a very cardio, it is very difficult to string together the laps. It is also for this reason that the pumptrack is possible to please many people at the same time. “

2. To whom it is addressed ?

“To all the world, child bike jogger, pros. Users can ride the pumptrack in their own way, either in the bottom since it is easier, and the pros can give themselves the challenge of riding in the top of the curves which makes the exercise more difficult. A beginner will have to face challenges to find the right rhythm, to move forward and to speed up just by pumping. The more it progresses, the more it will go fast and the more it will try to jump the hump hump (double in the jargon). You can enjoy simply, to train, to give yourself challenges, etc., This is really a sport for everyone. “

3. What types of bikes and other means of locomotion can be used on a pumptrack and what safety equipment is required ?

“The bicycle of any type, to skateboarding, to rollerblading. A single infrastructure can satisfy everybody. Of course, for safety, a helmet is mandatory and the pads for the elbows and knees are recommended. “

4. Asphalt, in granite dust or dirt, what are the differences to the users ?

“Asphalt, the forms remain the same from year to year, there is no wear and tear. The asphalt is very durable and has a good grip. With asphalt, the enthusiasts of the skate or other sports casters can practice them as their favorite sport, which is not the case with pumptracks in earth or stone dust. “

5. How do you explain the growing popularity of these courses ?

“The popularity comes from the fact that the pumptrack is open to all. Of very different people, from all walks of life and representing all the generations come together around the same infrastructure. They observe, take the opportunity to learn from each other. The pumptrack is multi-generational : a dad and child can play together for example. Finally, the pumptrack is a unique meeting place. ”

The pumptrack Trail to the Mill by the numbers

  • 820 : The number of square metres occupied by the circuit in closed circuit
  • 390 : Its paved surface in square meters
  • 129 : The number of meters of length that would have the pumptrack , if one was to create a track straight
  • 23 : The number of bumps that it contains
  • 180 : The track has two turns to 180 degrees and a double turn of 180 degrees
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