Popular rapper Seryoga kidnapped two boys from a young mother, a court case will not end

Популярный рэпер Серега "похитил" двух мальчиков у молодой мамы, судом дело не закончится

Rapper Serega, photo: Instagram

today, 21:48

Popular Belarusian and Ukrainian hip-hop artist, who became famous after the release of the hit “Black Boomer”, the rapper Serega took his children from his ex-wife Pauline Ololo and refused to return them.

About this said the mother of children for the newspaper “Today”.

Therefore, according to her, she is already half a year does not have the ability to see the sons of the ten-year Mark, and seven of Plato, because he did not know where the singer with the boys is, and also can not contact him.

“The story continues half a year. But in recent months, even some chaos. I gave them a month for him to rest, then by a provocation he took them for a year. Now I have the opportunity to hear them”, – says Ololo.

Популярный рэпер Серега "похитил" двух мальчиков у молодой мамы, судом дело не закончится

Photo from the Instagram page of Pauline

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In addition, the ex-wife of rapper says that mark and Platon live with strangers, and sometimes left unsupervised. In this regard, she is already preparing to file a lawsuit against the musician.

“At the moment Sergey Parkhomenko actively attending programs, speaking about how he heroically raising their children on their own, when in fact children were taken away from me, their mother, and carefully hide them!” – says the mother of boys.

While Serge himself did not react to the words of his ex-wife.

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