Popular Ukrainian band won the Network “explosive” clip

Популярная украинская группа покорила Сеть "взрывным" клипом

The group DILEMMA has released a music video for the song “Malav”.Ukrainian pop-group DILEMMA has created a video for the song “Malav”. For the first day of publication, the video has collected more than 120 thousand views on the Youtube channel musicians.

In the video, the frontman of the band Jay parodied the trick of Jean-Claude van Damme and sat on the twine between the two cars. And one of the soloist of group Master appeared as the baby in the stroller and hanging on the chandelier. Also the artists are actively dancing during the whole video.

“This charge I have not received! This clip has it all – sex, vivid images and, however, the explosion of the brain! We are there why not just do: swim in the bathroom, fly, dance. Really wanted to surprise fans with new innovative solutions. I hope I did right!” – said Jay.

The video was directed by Radislav Lukin, who has previously created music videos for groups of Antibodies, KAZAKY, a Machete, singer Maria Yaremchuk and other artists. Shooting bale lasted for 29 hours.

Recall the previous DILEMMA clip for the song “On path” gathered 2.7 million hits. Also, the song participated in the National selection for “Eurovision”.

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