Popular Ukrainian comedian was surprised by the dance. Video

Популярный украинский комик удивил танцем. Видео

In the project “Tantsi z with a stars” returned a couple of Denis Berinchyk and Catherine Belyavskaya.The next broadcast of the popular project “Tantsi z with a stars” became the most anticipated during the project.

Even before the intrigue fueled the decision scandalous couple of the show Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin is to leave the show, writes the Chronicle.info with reference on the Facts.

In the social network of Oksana said that injured two ribs and the doctors forbade her to go to the floor. Until the last minute of the ether remained intrigue, will Oksana and Dmitri in a last dance.

On a vacant place, after the audience vote, the project returned a couple of Denis Berinchyk and Catherine Belyavskaya.

– I am grateful to all the viewers who voted for us, – said Denis. – Well, guys, hold on to the parquet!

Eighth air “Tanzu s with a stars” was devoted to the Ukrainian theme. The participants presented rooms, paying tribute to folk motives and traditions. This time a few leading Yuri Gorbunov on the balcony was a popular singer and producer Potap.

First on the parquet came out a couple of comedian Igor Lastochkin and Ilona hammer, which Yury Gorbunov called the “black horse”. Under the hit group “The Hardkiss” “Cranes”, they performed the Rumba, evoking applause during the most difficult supports.

You are on the right track! – commented on the performance of the pair Vlad Yama. Today Igor had great control of the body. Less tenderness and more power.

Catherine Kuhar swallow compared with a Stradivarius. And Dima Monatic urged all to vote for a few swallow and hammer.

– If I pass on, you can go to the project and naked! – suddenly said Igor Lastochkin.

The pair received from the judges 27 points.

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