Port of the mask: a young employee denounces the customers that are disrespectful

Port du masque: une jeune employée dénonce les clients irrespectueux

A young employee of 14 years working in a convenience store from Dudswell, in Estrie, regrets have been the target of several disrespectful comments from frustrated customers to the idea of having to wear a mask as required by Quebec.

Malorie Darveau, who works for barely a month at the convenience store Accommodation Marbleton, refused to serve more than a half-dozen clients who refused to wear the mask Sunday.

The teenager did not expect to have to collect as many rude comments and disrespectful, going as far to feel intimidated by the time.

“You’re 13 years old, you will not tell me what to do”, “get-you-where I think your mask” or “calvary, this is the cellar of your business”; here are some examples of responses that received by the young employee of the client irritated, she listed, Sunday, on the group’s Facebook Bulletin board Dudswell, where she has received several messages of support.

The comments came mostly from people from outside, she did not know. Among the regulars of the trade, they were many to denounce this type of behaviour.

A dozen kilometres away, in Saint-Camille, the municipality has disbursed nearly$ 2000 to get the services of a safety officer whose task is to make the watch in front of the convenience store and the restaurant of the village.

Post until Monday night, the security officer told us not to have had any problem to enforce the wearing of the mask.

Like what in front of a person in uniform, some are a lot less brave in the presence of a teenager.

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