Port required: how to choose and wear his mask?

Port obligatoire: comment bien choisir et porter son masque?

From today, the mask-wearing becomes compulsory in enclosed public places in the province.

For the epidemiologist, Nimâ Machouf, it is an excellent measure which acts as a “barrier” so that the virus is still among us.

“The mask, this is the way that is the least expensive, the easiest and most accessible to all to be able to save us, sort of the COVID or to allow us a déconfinement with more confidence,” says Ms. Machouf.

While several will need to equip or re-equip) in masks in fabrics, here are a few tips to make an informed choice.

Choosing the right mask

The mask must:

  • Be comfortable to wear: all the masks are not all the same! It is necessary to try several models to find one that suits us best and in which it is comfortable.
  • Have several layers of tissue: the mask must be sealed to prevent the droplets from spreading in the air. Health Canada recommends a minimum of two layers of tissue in order to be effective.
  • Be easy to wash: most of the masks in fabrics are easy to wash. It must, however, be sure to choose a mask made of a fabric that easily washable.
  • Have a tight networking: the mesh of the fabric must be tight enough to prevent the particles coming out of the mask. The masks knitted are therefore not an option since the meshes of a knitted fabric are too large.

Well wear his mask

It was nice to have a mask, it is still necessary that is worn in an appropriate manner in order to be effective.

The mask must :

  • Cover the nose up to the chin.
  • Not falling when we are talking about.

It is also important to wash hands before putting on his mask and don’t touch it once it is placed on the face.

The mask must be put in place and removed by holding it by the rubber bands that go around the ears or by strings tied behind the head. He must avoid to touch the cloth that covers the nose and mouth.

Despite wearing a mask, he must not forget the health rules of thumb :

  • Keep, as much as possible, a distance of two meters between the other people
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Wash the mask after each use

“Extent necessary, but not sufficient,”

For Ms. Machouf, wearing a mask is a “necessary but not sufficient”.

“People need to be aware that the COVID-19 is still with us. When it was confined, there were 13 cases in Quebec. It was all closed and then we made the re-opening with approximately 25 000 cases outstanding […] It is necessary to pay attention. The mask is a reminder of that.”

In addition, the epidemiologist is concerned some of the holidays in the regions over the next few weeks.

“There are many areas that were spared by the first wave. It is important not that they are “sends” the COVID-19 by the tourists.”

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